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Tobey Huebert
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Those years between High School graduation & what they call "the real world" is where I was at when I wrote these poems. We've all been there, those strange years from 18 to 25 where we try to figure out where to go, what to do, & perhaps most importantly - who we are.

How long does it really take to find out who we are? Teens? 20's? 30's? 40's? 50s? Are we born with it? Does it just happen naturally? I've come to believe that it comes after one makes a conscious decision to bloom & gravitate towards one's own heart. This can be done by spending time in solitude, in nature, in meditation, in prayer, or doing a task that allows you to reach the "flow state" of no mind - when you're fully present in what is happening NOW & the mind no longer wanders. Be here now.

It takes a zen-like headspace that can only come from getting still, comfortable, & quiet with one's own self to find out who we are. This is what allowed me to bring the ideas from those quiet spaces within to the pages & ultimately to you.

The first step is to find out who we are, the next is that blooming & growing process. That's where I'd love to help - to at least perhaps offer an interesting perspective you haven't seen before or one you can relate with deeply.

A little about these poems & my reasoning for writing these

There have been many nights where writing has saved me and made me make it one more day in this world. That's why I feel these are important to share with you. They're more than poems. It's something deeper than that. Poetry is just the method used to express it, sort of like music, painting, and woodworking can all be ways to express how we're feeling.

I remember clearly those nights when the world felt like it was tumbling in on me, my mind was racing, I felt a massive weight, and I was struggling internally - I took out my notebook or my notes app & let everything flow into the pages, these pages.

There were also moments where I felt immense gratitude & everything in my senses were telling me to express it, so again, I wrote in these pages.

What you can expect

You will receive 41 poems that touch on all aspects of life. I believe these poems have valuable lessons in them that anybody can pull from no matter the age or stage in life. These poems have a way of fitting each individual personally. I believe you the reader will enjoy the interesting imagery, color, and wordplay that these words possess. It just takes concentration & presence to get the meaning, like with anything. You will be guided through a journey though the heavens, the earth, your mind, and your heart. My main hope is that these words draw connections that can be taken from these pages to your own mind & your own life. May these touch you in a personal way so that you can feel the raw realness & love within. I hope you can make them your own & it's something that sticks with you as that is how it is intended.

In closing

So if you're ready to purchase this & find out more about what I'm saying, thank you so much, & get ready! Your purchase goes further than you may think. For a guy like me that's been out hiking many mountain ranges, reading many books, studying my interests, meditating, doing different things such as guitar gigs at weddings & for friends/family, writing throughout the night in my study, farming with my family when help is needed, excavating work or woodworking when I'm low on funds, various other labor jobs, & ultimately trying to find his way, it's a blessing you're here & I'm extremely grateful. Truly. This is only the start. I hope I can fulfill my purpose writing & you can fulfill your purpose. That feeling, that vision God gives us is there for a reason! May these poems help out. I still reference back to these often & felt they needed to be shared. Ready to check these out? Let's go! When you read these you'll know more about what I'm talking about & it'll click. You'll be assisted as you go through life. God bless & I hope you enjoy it!


I've found the best way to access the material is from a phone, that way it has the best format. After the purchase download it, then you can open it & put it in your "Notes" app or "Books" app & access all 41 from the file in a nice clean format. You can always screenshot them, email them to yourself, print them out, or do whatever. They're yours! & since they'll be in your notes you can reference back to them whenever needed ;) haha, thanks again!

Also, the price is $7 minimum with a suggested price of $13. Give what you feel is right & I am okay with it! Either way I'm excited for you to read it. I just want you to have it. Let me know how you feel!


  • 41 Poems from my heart to yours. I know you'll feel it & hopefully you'll love it too!

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  • 41 Poems from my heart to yours. I know you'll feel it & hopefully you'll love it too!
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